Company Policies - IG Nachosol

Company Policies

Commitment to the environment, people with reduced mobility and sustainability

Climate change is a serious global problem, and IG HOTELS and, by association, IGUECAR, S.A., are specially committed to fighting it. That is why all our hotels and apartment complex renovations have included the implementation of new domestic hot water and water heating facilities that run almost exclusively on solar power, as could not be otherwise in these fortunate islands. Clean, renewable energy is essential for preserving our ecosystems and the balance of our environment.


Everything we incorporate into our new facilities is geared towards saving energy and protecting the environment, from our waste management to the use of any tools that help make our establishment more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Our climate is the most important thing we have, which is why we must help keep it normal so as to save our islands from the dreaded climate change.


Having facilities that are easily accessible for people with reduced mobility matters to us, which is why our facilities have been adapted so that all kinds of people, whether they have reduced mobility or not, can move about freely without encountering significant obstacles that limit their movement.


Specifically, at IG Hotel Nachosol Atlantic, our facilities are adapted so that even people with reduced mobility can move around without encountering any obstacles, making their stay as comfortable as possible.


To that end, we care deeply about the feedback any of our guests may give us after enjoying their time in our facilities designed with their enjoyment in mind. That is why all suggestions or requests that come our way are immediately implemented; hence the constant updating of our facilities.


At IG HOTELS our biggest challenge is to make sure all our guests, regardless of their physical conditions, enjoy their holidays and that they live an unforgettable experience while here.

Team policy

In IG HOTELS, our staff is what matters most. Our policy boils down to the values of a large family. We believe our staff should feel at home to make sure every day they feel motivated and willing to work.


We want their gladness for working for our company to be reflected in the way they treat guests. In other words, having a committed, dedicated and motivated staff will lead to a satisfactory, lasting, kind and friendly customer service.


It is very important that our staff sees itself as a team in all senses. That way, all the different departments will work together in harmony like the parts of a Swiss watch.


IG HOTELS believes its staff is its most prized asset, as nothing would be possible without them. That is why we go the extra mile day after day to make sure there is a positive working environment that motivates them to carry out their tasks to the best of their capabilities. The goal of this motivation is always to make sure our guests receive the best possible treatment and make them feel at home while living an unforgettable experience.


Our staff treats our guests in a friendly manner to better transmit everything they deem necessary and better respond to their needs, heightening everyone’s overall wellbeing.

Quality and customer service policy

As we have already mentioned, customer service is one of the cornerstones of IG HOTELS. The positive experiences and satisfaction of our guests is essential to us and that is why we fight daily to secure them.


One of our basic principles is that at IG HOTELS we must charm our guests to make their experience truly unforgettable and make sure we meet the expectations of even the most demanding guest.


The entire team joins efforts to ensure the quality of the facilities, rooms and services reaches the highest levels. To that end, the maintenance team works hard to guarantee the rooms and facilities are always spotless.


Of course, every renovation carried out at IG HOTELS has been done using materials of the highest quality available on the market, as our intent, defined in our policy, is to not spare any expenses that may directly or indirectly affect out guests’ satisfaction.

Procurement policy

IG HOTELS works hard to ensure its procurement policy is sustainable and minimally detrimental to the environment.


To that end, our team undergoes constant training to implement the tools and systems necessary to make the most out of our systems and policies throughout our organisation.


Our procurement policy aims to make sure our orders are done in a way that guarantees every product we offer our guests is fresh.


Consequently, we aim to not be left with stock on our shelves, so to speak, and, therefore, guarantee the freshness of our products, which will lead to a better service in all senses. The goal of all this is always to make sure our guests live an unforgettable experience.


What’s more, the low incidence on product stocks also helps reduce our levels of waste accumulation, whereby we also help improve our ecosystem’s balance.


In short, we believe the execution of this policy is beneficial on an environmental, financial and guest satisfaction level.